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The Fire Restoration Process in 5 Steps

According to the National Fire Protection Association, U.S. fire departments respond to a house fire every 86 seconds, this adds up to an average of over 358,000 fires a year. Not only are these unexpected disasters costly for home owners, they also injure and claim the lives of thousands of people. While smoke alarms work to provide an early warning of emergency, common activities and appliances such as cooking, smoking and heating equipment remain the top culprits of home fires.

Step One- Emergency Contact

In case of emergency the first number you want to call is 911. In addition to calling the fire department, it can also be beneficial to call your fire damage restoration company early to ensure the damage doesn’t spread through your property.

Many fire restoration companies offer emergency services where they arrive at your home quickly and provide immediate relief for your property. For example, if a fire burns a hole in your roof rain can come through and wreck further havoc on your property. The longer you leave problems like this, the worse the damage can become.

Step Two- Assessing the Situation

Next, the restoration company will assess the extent of the damage to your property. This involves things such as seeing how far the fire, smoke and soot have travelled and how badly your furniture and walls were affected. By understanding the extent of the damage, the company can come up with an accurate quote and a plan of action.

Step Three- Patching up

After the restoration process begins the biggest priority is preventing damage from getting worse. Fire damage restoration companies can often help with water restoration issues too. The company can act quickly to stop water from spreading through the rest of your building and causing more damage.

Step Four- Clean up

After a fire, properties are dark, charred and stained. It’s up to the fire damage restoration company to help clean-up and restore your property so it looks as normal as possible. Standing water will be removed and wet areas will be dried and sanitized. Water damage can cause health issues so it’s very important to address the situation as soon as possible.

Restoration companies will also remove the lingering odor of smoke by deep cleaning carpets and caring for adjacent rooms as well as those affected by the fire directly. Lastly, items that are too damaged to be repaired will be removed and disposed of. When it comes to items that are badly burned or affected by contaminated water it’s best option to remove and replace them.

Step Five- Repair

The final step in the fire damage restoration process is restoring and repairing items damaged by the fire. The goal is to help get your life back on track and for your property to look as good as new. The very best renovation companies will not only repair your products but renovate them too. This can leave your property looking better than ever before.


After the fire restoration process it’s not uncommon for the restoration company to give you a short briefing on preventing fires in the future. Companies can offer design advice for rooms in your home and help you find the best smoke detectors to alert you to emergencies early.

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