• Michael Wyne

EF&WR Was Always There For Me In My Biggest Time of Need

I had a fire at my home on Friday, January 19, 2018. It was one of the most devastating days of my life. No one was home except for my beloved dog; he passed away. I was and still am utterly heartbroken. Fortunately for me, there are still people in the world that sincerely care. The Emergency Fire & Water Restoration (EF&WR) family is one such group. My insurance company notified me within days that pets were not covered under my policy, adding insult to injury. EF&WR assured me they’d do all they could to make me whole once this process was complete.

Penelope was on site and with me every step of the way that day. She was patient and genuinely compassionate since I did not know where to begin once the fire was out. I expressed to her, in my numb state, that I was starting a new job that Monday. I needed to get some clothes out of my home if they could be salvaged. Penelope assured me EF&WR would do all they could to get my work clothing ozoned before that Monday. I received more than enough clothing that Saturday and Sunday delivered to my hotel.

It took approximately 9 months to return home. The process was grueling, overwhelming, and downright frustrating at times. There were times when I know I was unbearable but the staff, specifically general manager, Brian Hintze with EF&WR, was beyond patient and remained professional throughout those anguishing times. I wanted the process to move faster; I just wanted to go home. They kept me abreast of everything every step of the way. They asked for my input, which I didn’t know I could give at first, and explained to me how the process worked. There wasn’t a time I called, texted, or emailed that someone didn’t respond within minutes/hours. EF&WR made me feel like l was their only customer.

Even though it took approximately 9 months for me to return home, I can honestly say at this time, it was well worth it. My restore/remodel is absolutely beautiful! I have sung EF&WR’s praises so much that I imagine they’re tired of hearing me when I call. When people come to my home, they are absolutely amazed at the wonderful job that was done. Someone actually said, “HGTV has nothing on your contractor”.

There haven’t been any major issues since I’ve been back home however, there have been a few minor things here and there. EF&WR has not faltered. Even though I’m back home, when I reach out, someone responds. People had said once the contractor is paid and leaves your home they won’t respond if called; EF&WR has proven them wrong. They’re still responsive and I’ve been back home for 90 days.

Saying thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. I do not wish what happened to me on anyone! But if a similar tragedy strikes, I highly recommend Emergency Fire & Water Restoration. They’ll get the job done.

Thank you Emergency Fire & Water Restoration for restoring/remodeling my home and doing so professionally, compassionately and most of all with genuine concern for my well being.


Phone: (414) 810-3522

Mike Wyne: (414) 234-7678

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