Fire Damage Restoration

How severe is the loss? What is the "scope" of work? How long will the restoration process take? Do I have the proper insurance coverage to bring my property back to "pre-loss" condition? Emergency Fire & Water Restoration has the ability to walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.


Stabilizing your property:


Proper stabilization of your property immediately after a fire can prevent further damage from rain, snow, frozen plumbing systems, vandalism and theft. Whether it's 3:00 am or 3:00 pm Emergency Fire & Water Restoration can assist you in the following ways:

•Board-up broken windows & kicked-in doors to prevent animals or people from entering your damaged property.
•Installation of heavy duty tarps over holes in the roof or missing wall sections to prevent the elements from causing more damage.
•Reinforcement of weakened or missing framing to prevent collapse and injury.
•Restore electricity and heat to your property to prevent secondary damage or additional claims caused by frozen water pipes.
•Site preservation for Cause & Origin investigations. It is common for fire and police departments to investigate the cause of the fire. Preserving the site can allow a faster and more thorough investigation, allowing the restoration process to begin sooner.

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